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The DAMON® System for Excellently Aligned Teeth

Dr. Joselyn Chua, an orthodontist in Mississauga, provides friendly and reliable orthodontic care that relies on the Damon® System (low-friction braces) to address teeth alignment and bite problems. 

The DAMON® System Difference

You’ll have a healthy, beaming smile with the Damon® System. We have chosen the Damon® System for our patients as it provides extraordinary clinical results. An innovative combination of low-friction passive braces, low-force titanium shape- memory wires and minimally invasive treatment protocols work together to give patients what they really want: broad, beautiful smiles. The Damon® System (low-friction braces) is available in both high-grade stainless steel as well as clear ceramic brackets to help us provide you with a complete range of solutions.


Conventional braces use coloured elastics to hold the wire in place. However, studies have shown that these braces increase friction. Additional findings show that conventional braces accumulate plaque and bacteria which can lead to discolouration of the braces and, in some cases, permanent staining of the teeth. The Damon® System uses a passive door to hold the wire in place. This advanced feature means less force is needed to move your teeth and it’s easier to keep your teeth clean. 

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Why the DAMON® System

Consistent high-quality results
Self-ligating braces allow for more efficient tooth movement
Fewer appointments
More comfortable
Less need for extractions


*Your individual results, including the length of your treatment, will vary.

Types of DAMON® System Braces

High-Grade Stainless Steel Braces

Clear Ceramic Braces

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