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Client Reviews on Our Orthodontics

Dr. Joselyn Chua uses the latest advancements in orthodontic technology and her intensive knowledge to provide excellent orthodontic treatments. Her caring disposition along with the professionalism of her team contribute to awesome patient experiences. Listen to what patients have said about their time in Dr. Chua’s office.

Extremely Happy With the Final Results

“Just a few words of appreciation and thanks for your patience, kindness and great orthodontic work that you and your staff performed on Justin and Michelle over the past many years! Both kids have expressed how extremely happy they are at the final results and now they can smile with much more confidence, too. Again thanks so much!”

- Robert, Susan, Michelle and Justin L.

Appreciate Your Careful Attention

“First of all, thank you very much for your thoughtful idea of sending a card written by Shawn. It gave me and my husband a big surprise. I really appreciate your careful attention and care during the whole treatment for the last two years. We all are satisfied with the results, especially Shawn. I’d like to thank your assistant and receptionist, Ashley, too. Lastly, I’d like to say the ultimate cleanliness of your office was most admirable and appreciated. We were fortunate to find you as Shawn’s Orthodontist!”

- Nicole

You Are an Amazing Team

“Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile, and for putting up with me for the past two years. I’m so excited to get my braces off today and know that my smile will be so confident and perfect! You are an amazing team, and so many others will benefit from your amazing orthodontic treatments. Thanks again for giving me such a radiant smile!”

- Katie C.

Dr. Chua and Your Amazing Team

“You were so thoughtful, and really kind too - The world is a nicer place because of people like you. Thank you for taking care of Susan’s teeth so well and always being so patient and on time!”

- Nay and Susane

I Love Smiling With My Teeth Now

“Thank you so much for helping me and taking care of my teeth. I love smiling with my teeth now. I’m really happy with my teeth, and I won’t lose my retainers again! Thank you so much for your hard work and time. You’ve all done an amazing job. Hopefully, you all know that. Thank you and God bless!”

- Jennifer

Amazing Care

“Thank you, Dr. Chua and all you wonderful ladies for the amazing care you have provided to Selena. She has a beautiful smile, thanks to all of you! Merry Christmas!”

- The Rossetti Family (aka Selena)

Amazing Smile

“Dear Dr. Chua and Staff Thank you so much for everything you have done to give me an amazing smile. I appreciate all your hard work and I will never forget everyone. Thank you so much.”

- Steven

Can't Thank You Enough

“Thank You, Everyone at Dr.Joselyn Chua office for your hard work and commitment to my new smile. I can't Thank you enough! Have a Happy Holidays and I wish you the best! Thank you.”

- Shane J.

They Truly Care for You

“Dr. Chua and her staff are amazing! They truly care for you. My brother and I got our braces done by her. I just got my braces off and my teeth are amazing! She made my smile so much better! I recommend her to anyone looking for an orthodontist!”

- Meg F.

Experienced Orthodontist

“I have known Dr. Chua for many years. She is a very professional and experienced orthodontist and I highly recommend her to all my family and friends. The staff is very friendly. There is plenty of parking where she is located.

- Doris M.

Very Knowledgeable

“I would gladly recommend Dr. Chua to my family and friends. Dr. Chua is very knowledgeable and the staff is kind. Dr. Chua gave me an awesome smile. I also found the staff to be very respectful of my time which is important to me.”

- Deea D.

Compassionate Staff

“Really compassionate staff, it made every appointment a good experience. Dr. Chua is definitely very experienced and is clearly an expert at her craft. Loved what she did to my teeth. I would definitely recommend her.”

- Samantha D.

Professional Team

“I can’t thank the team enough. I came here in my later years (40s) with a severe overbite and crooked teeth Never too late to finally get the smile I always wanted. The team was very professional. More like family to me Finally got my confidence back. Thank you to the crew at Dr. Joselyn Chua orthodontist office for the wonderful smile you have given me.”

- Frank R.

Would Highly Recommend

“Very happy with my teeth. The staff was very nice and I would highly recommend. I always left the building smiling.”

- Nathaniel T.

Kind, Nice, and Patient

“Dr. Chua and staff. Firstly, thank you for helping me achieve the beautiful smile I’ve always wanted. The dedication and work of you and your staff is outstanding, and I am forever grateful for choosing such an amazing team. Without you and your team’s time, effort, and patience, I might still have the messed up teeth I once had two years ago, which I am forever grateful you fixed. Thank you for being so kind, nice, and patient with me. My parents and I will be sure to recommend your office to anybody in need of braces. I hope you and your staff enjoy the holidays, and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Much Love”

- Gabrielle

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